Leaf And Seed Nutrition

Remote 1-2-1s, group sessions, workshops led by Registered Nutritionists


Introductory Package:

what to expect...

Here's what to expect after getting in touch and booking your first appointment as part of this package... 


Initial Consultation [60 minutes]

The initial consultation involves; going through the health questionnaire together along with a 24 hour food diary. The questionnaire and diary paints a better picture of the factors that may be attributing to your current health state. We will discuss any issues that you may want support with. After the initial consultation, you will receive your initial nutrition plan by email and a three day food diary to fill out and return.

Follow up Consultation [60 minutes]

Follow-up appointments typically take place 4 weeks after the initial consultation. Here we will review symptoms and how you got on with the initial recommendations set previously. We will talk about any progress made or challenges encountered and adjust the recommendations to suit you.

By this point, I will also have an analysis of your three day food diary, pin-pointing any specific nutrients you may be lacking and summing up your daily calorie intake. 


Introductory Package = £80